House Flies Pest Control Services

House Flies Pest Control Services


Flies are one of the most dangerous in the house as it contaminated food and other object by sitting on each and every object inside the house, flies carry germs from one place to another and cause health problems such as flue, viral, and many more. Flies are very common in the insect’s family to found in garden, varanda, kitchen, or any other place of the house. Flies spread diseases due to their feeding and breathing habits, bacteria usually stuck on their mouth from one place and drop on other place.

Flies infestation:

Some noisy flies are roaming around your place it was not a symbol of their infestation but some strict action need to be taken, some of the common sign of their infestation and having in the house are as follows:

  • Tiny black spot cluster: check the ceiling, wall hanging, roof hanging mostly they have those spotting areas. Areas such as drainage which are difficult to clean fully.?
  • Some regular sitting areas of flies: huge number of flies are buzzing around the dustbins and big garbage containers, may leads to great level of infestation.

Above symbols are around your house need to contact to BSJ Pest control today without any worry.

How to keep flies away:

Flies are most nuisance pest around us, and need to be taken out of the living areas especially food trays, kitchen and other food items. It causes serous health diseases which leads many other problems, some of the major steps to keep flies away are as follows:

    First reduce flies infestation inside the house if find any.
  • Deny accessibility: close all the outdoor windows and door put anti flies doors so that air can easily passes but flies will remain outside.
  • Fly screens: there are many fly screen coming in different variety and different install it near outdoor areas of houses and especially in the kitchen.
  • Dustbins: dustbin needs to be clean on daily basis, as food remains in it may attract flies and leads to their infestation and may more further problems.
  • Water storage: water bottles, water filter need daily water replacement and weakly cleaning.
  • Floor mats: many times floor mates consist of algae and dirt collected over or under floor mats which could be harmful and may attract flies for infestation and may cause health issues.
  • Covered food: every food outside should be covered by a lid and fruits must be cover by a cloth or a sieve as flies may sit on them and cause different health problems.
  • Drainage: block drainage should be clear as soon as possible, since it cause many different kind of flies and other problems.
  • Gardens: your garden must be cleaned weekly to remove the dead leaf and soil radicals.
  • Ponds/ swimming pools: if there is a pool side at your place then must be cleaned daily because it collect and attract flies at your area.