Termite Pest Control Services

Termite Pest Control Services

A soft bodied small of pale yellow color insect that found in large colonies with numerous different varieties, many of kind feed on woods, it is highly destructive to cupboards, Door frame, plumbing, drain, meter box, garden landscaping, eaves and stairs/steps, electrical conduct, piers, foundation wall planter boxes or guttering, air conditioning ducting etc.

Different Type of Termite

There are 45 kind of different species of termite found in U.S and India, all of those fall into following category of Termites types are:

  • Subterranean: Subterranean termite belong to Rhinotermitidae family and lives in diverse area, especially in soil and they are largest nest builders which is connected to tree roots via mud for some kind of food source mostly found in U.S., it also has further 6 types.
  • Drywood: As the name suggests it typically lives in wood, it may be dead tree, hardwood floor, and structural timbers. These are the main destroyer of house and it needs to be removed, they generally grow in DRY and HOT weather and in high temperature with low humidity. They doesn’t need any soil but able to resist under your nose for years.
  • Dampwood:These type of termite also lives in wood but with high moisture content, it doesn’t require any contact with soil, it hardly found in men houses since wood is not enough moist here.

Managing Termite Steps
  • Prevention: Best prevention tip would be avoiding any kind of moisture inside the house; no water leakage should be there if any make it corrected as soon as possible.
  • Inspection: Inspection should be done every month if there is any brown colored mud tunnel formation, or any wood damage.
  • Recommendation: Keep the house dry; make a distance between wood and soil by applying tile between them if possible. Avoid putting plants inside the house.
  • Treatment: if there is any sign of termite in the house connect any termite treatment agency as soon as possible.
  • Monitoring: In this bait station are placed over the infected areas to detect the termite actions, because termite consume bait and takes it to their respected colonies for fellow termites
Method of Termite Treatment
  1. Pre-Construction Termite Treatment
  2. Pre construction treatment is the first step to be far from termite and new home, it disappear the termite from the soil thoroughly and the build area around the house.
    There are two step need to be considered:
    1) use genuine anti chemical which is been approved by Indian central insecticide board,
    2) need to hire a well trained and excellent team which done this work remarkably for that, which is better than BSJ pest control. There are stages been define by Indian bureau standards on which termite treatment needs to be done as its soil pest so the stages need o done on the soil, major stages for protections are:

    1. Sides and bottom of ditch of foundation.
    2. Backfilling basement foundation.
    3. At the junction of floor and wall.
    4. Plinth filling’s top surface.
    5. External perimeter of building needs to be treated.
  3. Post Construction Termite Treatment
  4. Termite treatment during and before the house construction is must if somehow this step is been missed them post construction treatment may be done, treating the termite before and after the construction is very different, check out the steps need to taken to done the procedure:

    1. Treating the floor and wall junction by doing holes of particular length into the inner junction to create barrier against termite.
    2. All the wooden work need to be checked and holes are been drilled under the fixture and different anti-termite solution needed to be poured out through them and also the spray of oil based termiticide solution over the wood.
    3. Third is the treatment of mud caves, first termiticide solution need to be pour over caves or tunnels them it been removed completed and after that it’s been treatment from origin.
    4. After the inside of the house the house surrounding which plays a major role in termite infection needs a treatment which is done by creating holes in the side walls of the house and then the holes need to be refilled and after that is there is any open soil in the house for example garden them the soil treatment needs to taken.
  5. Pipe Installation Method
  6. This system known to be reticulation which is done if the affected area in under concrete slabs, then the network of underground pipes in which anti-termite solution is running in continuation uniformly all over the house. This helps against the termite then and in the future as well.

    The end point of the pipes are been connected to the junction boxes filled with chemicals and can be refilled. This advantageous as no holes are been drilled in to the house walls since it’s done before the sand pouring procedure of the flooring.